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The most reliable and the best-rated coffee makers with exciting features. Expert review, description, usage will definitely add value to your hunt of the finest coffee maker.

Understanding The Best Coffee Maker For You

Let our experts help you pick the best coffee maker for your home. Read review of top rated coffee makers available todayWaking up to the perfect coffee is something that many people in the world love to do. A perfect cup of coffee can uplift your mood, charge you up, refresh you or simply calm you down; depending on how you like it made and how much you consume it on a daily basis. But yes, the operative phrase here for feeling any of those things is, “how you like it made”.

There are so many coffee maker types all over the world that it is natural to feel overwhelmed with the kind of choices you are presented with. In times like these, you often try to look for the best coffee maker review online or ask a friend for help. But the truth is that just asking for a “coffee maker” is not going to help unless you know the kind of coffee you like, and how different types of coffee makers can help you achieve that.

So whether you are a long time coffee lover or someone who is just starting to get interested in coffee, it is advisable to know about the different types of coffee makers before you buy one. This helps to ensure that you are getting something that suits your taste and requirements.

Choose From The Top Rated Coffee Makers-2018

What Are The Various Types Of Coffee Makers?

French Press Coffee Maker

A French Press, also known as a cafetière or сafetière à piston is perhaps the best coffee making companion for those who need something small and portable. It is mostly preferred for giving strong flavored coffee in less time, and the operation is pretty simple and easy to understand, making it perfect for anyone and everyone.

What We Like
  1. Compact – The size makes it easier for a person to carry it around during camping or hiking. Some newer models these days come as a combination of a french press and a flask or a mug, which means you can sip from the same.
  2. Flavorful Coffee – It gives a nice concentrated brew. Since the coffee grounds are not separated from the brew, the remaining cups get stronger and bitter with passing time, but this is an effect that some coffee drinkers actually like.
  3. Multiple Uses – Can brew other beverages such as herbal teas as well, as long as you have the right ingredients on you.
  4. Inexpensive – This is perhaps the cheapest type of coffee makers that one can find in the world. If you are on a budget, then this is the best coffee maker for the money you have, and is a good choice for someone who is just getting interested in coffee and travels a lot or needs a small device only.
What We Don’t Like
  1. Manual Operation – This means that even if it takes only four or five minutes to make the coffee, you have to eventually be there for the plunger management and to pour out the coffee manually.
  2. Limited Coffee – Will give only three to four cups of coffee, or five in the case of some brands, but essentially requires the process to be done all over again for large amounts of coffee.
  3. Immediate Consumption – Since it does not have a carafe to keep the coffee hot, you need to consume it pretty much as soon as you can. Moreover, since the brew is not separated from the coffee grounds, the remaining coffee starts to get bitter and some people do not like that.

Espresso Coffee Maker

Espresso coffee machines function on the principle of passing near boiling water in a pressurized form through finely ground coffee. Unlike regular coffee machines that use beans or slightly thicker coffee, espresso machines require fine coffee in order to let the steam pass through it and give a nice, strong flavorful espresso. The espresso has a thicker and creamier consistency and is also the base for many beverages like a latte, a mocha, a cappuccino or an Americano.

Within the category of expresso machines, there are sub-categories or types of manual, single cup, double cup, automatic, super automatic machines etc. These are just different names and model types that various brands have come up with in order to highlight the features of their products. Some amount of research should help in knowing more about these various types.

What We Like
  1. Fast Coffee – Good for making fast cups of coffee, which means that it is perfect to be installed at your workplace. You don’t need to wait that long for whichever type of beverage you like.
  2. Variety – You get different types of coffee beverages from the same machine, which means that all family members or workers in your office can get a coffee of their choice.
  3. Automatic – There are automatic varieties of espresso machines that let you get the perfect cup without much effort.
  4. Hot Coffee – Fresh, hot coffee for you instantly. Refills don’t take long because the time to make the coffee is very less. Your second cup is as hot and fresh as the first one.
What We Don’t Like
  1. Expensive – Not everyone can spend that kind of money on coffee machines and considering the fact that espresso machines have a lot of features, these may not necessarily be budget-friendly for individuals and may only suit groups, large families, a workplace etc.
  2. Cleaning – Requires a fair amount of cleaning every now and then to ensure the milk, water or coffee beans don’t clog up any of the parts and let the steam pass with proper pressure.

Single Serve Coffee Maker

As the name suggests, Single Serve Coffee Makers are single cup brewing machines that are best for individual coffee drinkers who need something small in their home or office. It’s not as cheap as a French Press, but is still quite less in pricing as compared to Espresso Machines or Auto Drip Coffee Machines. Most of these use K-Cups or similar products, which means that you get to have different flavors of coffee, whenever you want.

What We Like
  1. Compact – It does not take too much of space in your home or office and is easy to fit in most places.
  2. Fresh Coffee – Gives a fresh and hot cup of coffee anytime of the day.
  3. Flavored Coffee – You can take many different types of K-Cups for brands like Keurig or similar cup models for other brands and enjoy different flavors of coffee, as and when you want.
  4. Features – Many models have come up with features where you can choose the size of the cup such as 5oz, 8oz etc. Apart from that, some come with temperature control, programmable clock etc.
  5. Fast Coffee – It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to make coffee in a Single Serve Coffee Maker. You will be able to get coffee faster as compared to a French Press.
What We Don’t Like
  1. Not Good for the Environment – K-Cups were criticized a lot for not being environment-friendly. While newer versions and other variants in the market have come up with biodegradable options or recyclable ones, a large chunk of them is still not good for our planet.
  2. Weak Coffee – The taste is not as strong as freshly brewed coffee or the kind that you would get in an espresso machine. It is like a fast coffee fix for those who don’t really care much about the taste or the aroma and just take coffee as a regular beverage.

Auto Drip Coffee Maker

Like the name suggests, these coffee makers basically follow the Drip System of making coffees. This is a system in which water is poured on ground coffee beans that are placed in a filter. As the infusion happens, the water catches the oils and the essence of the coffee beans, passing through a filter and eventually going into a carafe. The residue of the infusion remains onto the filter.

Since some of the models allow for the grinding of the coffee beans as well, variants of this category are also sometimes referred to as a “coffee maker grind and brew” or as an “automatic coffee maker with grinder”. You get the option to program the grinding function in some of the machines, so you have freshly ground coffee that eventually follows the drip system and goes into the carafe. Again, the carafe is glass in some cases and thermal in other models; you can choose whatever suits your requirement best.

What We Like
  1. Large Amounts of Coffee – It is good for families or workplaces where you need a regular supply of coffee through the day. One time brewing gives anywhere between 1 to 14 cups of coffee, depending on the machine type and size.
  2. Fast Brew – Only takes a few minutes to make the coffee. Definitely, saves you a lot of time during the day.
  3. Hot Coffee – Thermal or Glass carafe, you will get hot coffee for your subsequent cups too. No need for brewing fresh rounds or re-heating the coffee.
What We Don’t Like
  1. Maintenance – Some of the machines do not support a permanent filter, so you might have to keep changing the filter frequently. The machine also needs regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure that no sections or parts are clogged.
  2. No Control – Some models don’t give control over temperature and water usage etc. This means that you may not be able to get the coffee exactly to your specifications. Some of them also give only large amounts of coffee, so may not be suitable for individual coffee drinkers, as it could lead to a lot of wastage.

There are some lesser known models of Moka Pots, Percolators or Vacuum Coffee Makers as well in the market that a very limited section of people use. Most of the modern day automatic coffee machines borrow some design or brewing principles from these lesser known models or varieties to make it easier for a person to get a quick cup of coffee at home or office.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Coffee Maker

Do you really need to purchase one? Can’t you just grab a cup of coffee from the nearest cafe everyday or take it from the machine in office? Well, you can do that. But then it wouldn’t be the ‘perfect’ cup of coffee, would it?

Here are some reasons why people buy coffee makers for themselves, even with the easy availability in your nearest coffee shop or cafeteria.

  1. Convenience – Think of it this way. Right now you leave your house at least fifteen minutes earlier every morning so that you stand in the line at the cafe on the way to work for your cup of coffee. But once you have a coffee maker at home, your perfect coffee can get brewed while you are in the shower or are packing things to go to work. You save time, and it becomes a lot easier to get your coffee every morning; no parking troubles, no lines in the coffee shop, no stress over not having change etc.
  2. Saves Money – Of course, this is quite obvious. You can make more cups at home in the money you spend outside for a cup of coffee. Sometimes, regular coffee packets that give around 6-8 cups of coffee cost the same as a single cup of coffee from a cafeteria.
  3. Saves the Environment – While most cafeterias will have recyclable cups these days, wouldn’t it be nicer if the world didn’t have to face this problem in the first place? You won’t be taking paper or plastic cups here as you can simply get your own flask for daily use; plus you are not even paying extra for the plastic cup on a daily basis.
  4. Sets an Impression – Regardless of whether you live alone or with a family, a coffee maker is a good investment to have for when you have people over. If you live alone and work from home, then it saves you multiple trips down to the coffee shop. And if you are a family and have guests or colleagues coming at home frequently, then a cup of coffee is a great way to take your social gatherings forward. Everyone likes a good cup after a meal or even for evening catch-up visits. This way you get to meet your friends in the comfort and quiet of your home as against a noisy coffee shop.
  5. The Perfect Cup – This can’t be emphasized enough. When you have a coffee maker at home, you have the choice of getting coffee beans from anywhere in the world into your kitchen to make a cup of coffee that you truly like. You won’t be restricted in terms of taste and availability in a coffee shop, and will even be able to mix coffee powders or use them to your liking. In other words, you get the kind of coffee YOU want.

So as one will come to understand, buying a coffee maker has several benefits and advantages. It makes sense to buy one for heavy coffee drinkers at least, or those who are particular about the taste of their coffee.

4 Key Factors To Pick The Best Coffee Maker

Just like any other home and kitchen appliance or gadget you buy, coffee makers too have reviews and ratings in the market for you to gauge what is best. You can look for the best coffee maker review and go by that or you can ask a friend or family member to suggest the best coffee maker for the money you are willing to spend. Either way, since coffee makers are like an investment for the long run, it helps to make an informed decision so that you don’t regret your purchase and decision later on.

You can actually narrow down on your choices by looking at some key factors that usually help in the selection process.

  1. Coffee Maker Types – First and foremost, it is important for you to know the type or kind of coffee maker that you want for yourself. There are cheap coffee makers and expensive ones, travel-friendly ones and big bulky ones, average ones and really good ones. You need to do a full-fledged research and market survey on this, because if you end up buying the wrong one, then the whole purpose of buying a coffee maker would get defeated. Unless and until you get yourself acquainted with the various types of coffee makers out there, you won’t really know what is best for you. So spend time on this particular factor when you decide to buy a coffee maker for yourself. Understand whether you need large batches of coffee or single cups, whether you need variety of flavors or consistent brews, and then make your decision accordingly.
  2. Coffee Maker Ratings – Apart from taking recommendations from friends, relatives and colleagues, it also helps to know more about coffee maker ratings in the market. This helps to understand how consumers across the globe have felt about a certain brand or product. Reading testimonials and ratings also helps to know whether a coffee maker has the kind of features and specifications that you are looking at, and how well they function. Again, this is something that requires time and effort on your part, but totally worth it once you buy a coffee maker that truly meets your requirements.
  3. Budget – Once you have narrowed down your choices, it is important to see which ones fit in your budget. Coffee makers from different brands can sometimes be similar in terms of look and functions but can vary a lot in terms of pricing. And just because a machine is priced higher than the other one, it doesn’t mean that it is necessarily better. This is where the market research on coffee maker types and makes comes in handy, so that you can make an informed decision. You will know the pros and cons of each coffee maker when it comes to selecting one as per budget, and that will help you a lot in making the final choice.
  4. Brand Reputation – Like ratings help to understand the performance of a particular model or make of a coffee maker, the reputation of a brand helps to understand what kind of after-sales service people have got. Also, this is a good way to know how long a particular brand has been in the business – do they really know well about making good coffee machines? While some newer brands may offer cheaper models and more number of functions and features, it does not necessarily mean that they are better coffee makers. You need to take a brand’s name and reputation into account when looking for a good coffee maker for yourself.

Do You Really Need To Have a Coffee Maker?

This is a question that only you will be able to answer for yourself. Once you know enough about coffee makers, it does make a lot of sense to get one for yourself – whether it is for work or home. In the recent times, more and more brands have come up with newer models of coffee makers so that one can enjoy an authentic taste in their daily cup of coffee. And if you’d like that cup to be perfect, then you should definitely get a coffee maker for yourself so that you can make it just how you like it.

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