13 Funny Things All Coffee Addicts Do

13 Funny Things All Coffee Addicts Do

There are only two types of people in the world – One, those who love coffee, and two, the rest of the people. Very few people realize that coffee is not just a beverage. In fact, coffee is art happening inside a mug. Coffee lovers like to imagine that the rich taste of coffee is what thunder and lightning taste like. If you are a coffee addict, you would know how wonderfully coffee can kick start your day, how it can energize you in the mid-day slump, and if you are brave enough, it can also be a delicious dessert after dinner!
Here are a few funny and relatable things that all coffee addicts do:

1) Not Before My Coffee

There are some people who can wake up, head off on a run, and chug fruit juices with their breakfast. On the other hand, there are the coffee addicts who won’t even greet anybody good morning until they have had their first cup of coffee. If you are one too, you would know that your day literally begins from the first sip of coffee. Before the coffee hits you, you are just a tousled mess that cannot snap out of sleep. Even your yawn is basically a noiseless scream for coffee! Coffee addicts would actually be having t-shirts, mugs, and posters that say “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee.”

2) You Don’t Understand Tea

Maybe you are liberal enough to drink both tea and coffee, but when it actually comes to choosing one, if it isn’t coffee that you pick then you are not a coffee addict. Coffee lovers do not understand the‘kick’a tea drinker would have! Coffee, the holy grail of caffeine, is like a jolt that hits you while tea is just spiked water. What’s worse is that they simply cannot wrap their heads around green tea and herbal tea trends, which people supposedly drink instead of coffee. Then there are the staunch coffee lovers who cannot even take a sip of tea because to them it feels like betraying their beloved drink. Seriously, though, how do people survive on only tea?

3) Unexpected Coffee Cafes are the Ultimate Surprise

When you are lost in unknown places and come across a café that emanates the smell of coffee, it feels as though you have been personally blessed by the Gods. In that very moment, you wouldn’t care about being present even in a hostile neighborhood just because you feel so much at home thanks to your Cuppa Joe. Coffee addicts can feel safe around any place that serves coffee. Seemingly, they are not difficult to please!

4) You are VERY Particular About Your Coffee

You know what the regular people think, it’s ‘just’ coffee. But you know exactly about the various blends, the strength of the coffee beans, the effect of roasting, and what part milk is added (or not) to your drink. Your taste buds know the difference between Ethiopian and South American coffee, it can differentiate between a Latte and a Cappuccino. Therefore, nobody can fool you by passing off any weakling as ‘coffee.’ You are a tough crowd and you just cannot be pleased until you have had your coffee just the way you have wanted it!

5) Coffee is What You Seek Even While Travelling

Your Instagram is probably full of photos of the various places you have had coffee. In fact, these photos outweigh the general photos that signify travel, like hills and beaches. The moment you touch down, you are rearing to find the nearest café to try out their coffee. To be fair, coffee is a good conversation starter no matter where you go. Quite often, you also Google the various coffee places right when you are planning your trip, just to be sure that you are not deprived of your usual drink when you are away!

6) Weak Coffee is Your Worst Nightmare

Coffee addicts have a simple rule: The stronger, the better. Hardcore coffee addicts drink their coffee black. They wouldn’t even want any milk or creamer or even a sweetener because it would dilute the goodness of your coffee. However, some like their coffee with milk but even the milk content is limited to a small threshold. Go over that point and all you can taste is frothy milk and the barista will have to bear your wrath of serving you weak coffee. It will literally drive you insane!

7) You Take a Deep Breath Inside Cafes to Judge Their Coffee

You are always the first person to know if a new café is coming up in your locality. Most of the times, you are one of the first customers to go out there and grab a cup! But a seasoned coffee addict trusts their nose and the first thing you do on entering a café is inhale all the air in the room. This helps you assess if the café is good enough to be honored by your presence. Just a whiff of their coffee floating around in the air is potent enough for you to know if it is worth the visit.

8) Your Friends and Lovers Know Where to Invite You

Whether it is casually hanging out with friends or meeting a Tinder Date, you will always pick a coffee place, and why not? Wouldn’t you want to be surrounded by the things and people you love? All the candlelight dinners and fancy lunches pale in comparison to a date in a cozy coffee place. In fact, if a date proposes to meet you at a coffee place, you almost believe that you are already falling in love with that person! Your friends know that if you are a recluse, the best way to get you to meet them would be to invite you to a coffee café or lure you by a cup of coffee. All one needs to do is text you if you are interested in some coffee and you will show up right on time!

9) You Consider Yourself a Coffee Connoisseur and Not a Coffee Addict

Coffee Addict is just a harsh word to use, is it not? Gambling is addiction, drinking could be a problem. What is the worst thing a good ol’ cup of coffee done to call yourself a coffee addict? Surely, you crave coffee almost every single time but at least you don’t feel ants running all over your skin! You prefer a more mild and tasteful title like ‘Coffee Connoisseur.’ You understand the art of coffee preparation and you are always ready to gulp down cups of coffee to show your appreciation for this art.

10) You Cannot Give Up Coffee

Your friend, who is a health freak, has been going on and on about how you should be trying out protein whey or thick smoothies. Even though you are physically listening to him or her, you are still thinking and planning about when you will have your next cup of coffee! You can never imagine waking up to a healthy breakfast smoothie replacing your dark and bitter coffee. You are willing to make a small trade in favor of your favorite beverage. You would rather do that than even imagine a life without coffee!

11) Your Final Goal is Coffee

Unlike other people who wish to earn enough to travel the world or buy the latest expensive gadget, your goals revolve around coffee. You have spent days thinking of how you will buy a coffee machine from your first paycheck. Your ultimate dream is to go to places like Starbucks daily without having to worry about the financial logistics. In fact, success, according to you, is having the capacity to purchase coffee, coffee products, or coffee machines, without having to worry about the price!

12) You Wonder if You Can Hook Up a Coffee IV

You have always wondered about when Science will be advanced enough to enable hooking people up with Coffee IVs. Not to misconstrue it as an attempt to stop people from drinking coffee. This contraption is only valid for an instant coffee fix. In fact, it could be an advancement to add coffee in your body through various means! Imagine having three cups of coffee simultaneously! You would literally have coffee coursing through your veins and nothing screams ‘coffee addict’ louder than that!

13) You Dream of Coffee

Sleep be damned! Coffee is what keeps you up all night and on days when you do manage to sleep, you dream of coffee. You dream of making innovations that revolve around coffee, or the exotic coffees that you will get to taste. You dream about waking up and rushing off to your coffee machine to brew a fresh pot. These dreams can be bizarre, funny, and even scary (think of suddenly realizing that there is no coffee left in the world!) but at the end of the day, they are all about coffee. Some dreams are so captivating that you hate waking up but you do anyway because you know that on waking up, you are one step closer to your next cup of coffee!

12 Secrets the Food Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

12 Secrets the Food Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

Walking past the stockedshelves of your local supermarket, you may be tempted to add everything to your cart. With so many ‘fat-free’ and ‘healthy’ option available, who wouldn’t be allured by the food variety?But do not fall for that bait because that is one rabbit hole not everyone wishes to go down. The food industry can easily warp your perception towards an item through its cleverly designed marketing tactics.
Keep the following 12 heavily guarded secrets of the food industry in mind before your next grocery trip:

1) Breakfast Cereals Are Not That Healthy…

You probably know this because of the concerning amounts of sugar added to breakfast cereals but otherwise too breakfast cereal is not as healthy as it appears to be. Extrusion is a process used in the manufacturing of breakfast cereals. In a machine called the extruder, grains are forced through a tiny hole at high pressure and temperature and this basically gives shape to the cereal. Using this high pressure and temperature causes the grains to lose all its nutritional values. All the naturally occurring fatty acids present in the grains are denatured thanks to extrusion. Hence, you would see most breakfast cereals with ‘added’ vitamins and minerals. Not just that, researchers have found that cornflakes have the capacity to increase blood glucose sugar level faster than even direct consumption of table sugar. Therefore, diabetes should definitely avoid such breakfast meals at all costs.

2) … And Neither Are Crackers

Crackers are thought to be a healthier eating option but surprisingly, crackers are as bad for your health as a bag of potato chips. Crackers are made of refined all-purpose flour and the other core ingredients include salt, sugar, and fat. To increase their shelf-life, a host of preservatives are added to these crackers. The only healthy option that is available is Triscuits since the original recipe contains only three main ingredients: whole-grain wheat, salt, and oil. Most other crackers are equivalent to a treat and 99% of them do not contain whole wheat.

3) You Will See Red On Reading This

Most of the red food coloring that you see in foods is derived from crushed insects. A good indicator of the possibility of having these bugs is if you see Cochineal extract or Carmine extract mentioned in the ingredients. Interestingly, they are considered safe for consumption and trigger allergies only to a select few. The other alternatives to these bugs are petroleum-derived synthetic colors. Red #40 and #3 are synthetic food coloring substances that could potentially be carcinogens. Makes you prefer the bugs instead, doesn’t it?

4) Some More Tit-bits on Food Colors

Studies have found that artificial food coloring and certain food preservatives can cause increased hyperactivity and other behavioral issues in young kids. Sodium benzoate, the food preservative having strong links with increased hyperactivity, is found in some pickles, jellies, and diet sodas. The food colors Yellow #5 and #6, and Red #40 are the culprits behind this effect.

5) High in Fiber Is a Lie

Many products are marked as ‘rich in fiber’ but are actually containing high quantities of non-nutritional fiber. These fibers are not as useful to the body as naturally occurring fibers as contained in fresh vegetables and whole grains. In fact, they may cause stomach and intestinal problems like bloating and gas. So your best bet in getting good fibers into your system would be through vegetables and whole grains.

6) Sugar Is a Poison By Many Names

It is a proven fact that the consuming too much sugar will definitely result in health issues in some form or the other. In fact, it is believed that the sugar industry was the driving force behind demonizing fat, including healthy fats. So something that is marked as ‘low fat’ doesn’t necessarily mean it is healthy, especially if it contains added sugars. Surprisingly, the food industry masks sugar under various names so that it does not show the sugary content to be present in large quantities. These names could be Corn Syrup, Dextrose, High-Fructose, Agave Nectar, Fruit Juice Concentrate, Evaporated Cane Juice, and Cane Crystals. Check the ingredients mentioned on the packaging to find out how the food industry could be tricking you into consuming more sugar than you thought you are.

7) Low-fat, Popped, or Baked Chips are Not a Healthier Alternative

Apart from the extrusion process mentioned before that takes place in ‘popping’ grain, baked and low-fat options of chips are not as healthy as they seem. These foods could simply be an accumulated result of highly refined grains or potato flakes, and different flavoring. Interestingly, it would be healthier to eat chips made of real potatoes and fried in healthful oil.

8) Bottled Tea Hoax

We know that tea contains several health benefits but bottled tea lacks most of these amazing qualities. Some beverage manufacturers do not even contain the minimum required concentrations of minerals like catechins, but falsely claim that their drinks are full of antioxidants. The best way to enjoy the real benefits of tea would be freshly brewing tea and consuming it directly instead of purchasing bottled products.

9) Lean Cut Meat has High Sodium Content

Lean cut meats can become dried out, less juicy, and ultimately, may not appear to be as appealing. Thus, manufacturers pump them with saline solution. This saline solution also works well as a preservative. In the process of extending the shelf life of the food and making the food attractive, the meat ends up having unhealthy levels of sodium. These meats with enhanced sodium content could singularly fulfill more than even one-third of your recommended daily consumption of sodium. High sodium can adversely affect your cardiovascular and renal systems leading to high blood pressure and kidney failures.

10) Fats and Oils

If you thought that butter is bad for your health and purchasing margarine or shortening is better, you may wish to rethink that decision. Crude vegetable oil, which is normally dark, smelly, and sticky, undergoes innumerable processes that results in shortening, margarine, and spreads. These processes include bleaching, degumming, filtering, steam cleaning, and deodorizing. Once it passes through all these steps, the end product has little to none nutrients or antioxidants. However, the pesticides and the solvents added to the oil sustain through these procedures. Even when you are cooking with margarine or shortening, you may have noticed that on slight heating, it emits a peculiar smell and turns dark soon, which in itself shows how unhealthy it is. If you are purchasing extra-virgin olive oil, you may want to check if the oil is stored in dark glass or tin containers since that is a sign of proper storage of extra-virgin olive oil. If the packaging contains the harvest date, it is a sure-shot sign of a dependable product. Olive oils other than these packaging either turn rancid or simply are poor grade oils.

11) The Milk and Dairy Products are Not so Innocent Either

The dairy industry subjects the cows to horrendous conditions, which is a fact known by most people. Merciless living conditions, poor diets, and externally administered hormones are all for the sole purpose of greed: increased milk production resulting in higher profits. Milk concentrates are added to increase the quantity of milk. Even something as healthy as Greek Yogurt could be tainted with add-ins like whey protein concentrates or milk protein concentrates. Products that are marketed as ‘cheese’ do not even qualify as traditional and real cheese. To make the process easier and more profitable, manufacturers replace milk with processed milk protein concentrates or whey protein concentrates, which cuts down the cost of production. This substitution would technically make it cheese products prepared through pasteurization rather than actual cheese. Similarly, ice creams cannot be called ‘ice creams’ until they contain minimum 10% milk fat. Due to this, most items that you may presume to be ice creams are labeled as ‘frozen dairy desert.’

12) Long Lines Affect Your Wallets

In an interesting study, it was found that a person is more likely to purchase more products while waiting in queue. Also, while you are waiting, it is more likely that you will purchase something unhealthy like candies instead of any staples. This is because of the placement of the items near the checkout counters. The longer you are exposed to tempting products like candies and sodas, which are placed near the billing counters, it is more likely that you will give in and take one off the shelf and drop it in your cart.

7 Reasons Why Coffee Can Help You Lose Weight And Get Fit

7 Reasons Why Coffee Can Help You Lose Weight And Get Fit

A large majority of the people require a cup of coffee to kick-start their day. It helps you wake up and gives the required energy to keep you going throughout the day. In America alone, more than half of the population sticks to this ritual of drinking coffee the first thing in the morning. Of course, there a number of benefits as well as the risk that is linked with coffee. Extensive research has been conducted in this area and it has been found out that if taken the right way, it can have immense benefits to the health.

By making just a few alterations to the way you drink your coffee, you will be able to enjoy a number of benefits of your favorite early morning beverage. In fact, it can be the safest way to enhance your health while also minimizing the risks. There are various guidelines on how to drink coffee in order to maximize its health benefits. The best way is to drink it before a workout so as to get the caffeine kick which can help in increasing your productivity during the exercise.

Once caffeine enters your body, its effects can last for up to 3 hours. Studies have revealed that athletes who drank coffee prior to a workout were able to burn up to 15% more calories as compared to the others. It helps in increasing your endurance, preserves muscles, reduces pain, enhances blood circulation and also helps in improving the memory. The caffeine boost optimizes the exercise benefits by increasing energy output and the rate of fat burning. If taken right after the exercise, the body can continue to provide the same effects. However, if you prefer to work out during the evenings, it is best to avoid caffeine as it can keep you from falling asleep.

7 ways coffee can improve your health and fitness

1) Energy Boost

If you have been in the habit of drinking coffee early in the morning, then you probably know its effectiveness in increasing the energy level. However, there is more to it than just that. It also enters your bloodstream and reaches all the way up to the brain to block adenosine. When this happens, it triggers the body to secrete dopamine and norepinephrine, which in turn provides the body with an increased amount of energy. So yes, you do not really have to resort to any energy supplements for that extra energy. You can just back and relax while you let your coffee do its work.

2) Weight loss

The surest way to make anything interesting is by throwing in some word about two about weight loss. The good news here is that coffee does indeed help in weight loss due to its high caffeine content. In fact, there is a separate category of products known as Fitness Caffeine. These contain a blend of healthy coffee together with fruits and herbs. The most commonly used variety of coffee for these products is Arabica Black. These premium quality blends are 100% natural and effective. At the same time, they also have a great taste. The fitness caffeine is formulated with a special focus on weight loss. Moreover, if you are combining it together with some fat loss exercises, it can help you achieve the results even faster. So if you want to lose weight fast, the easy way, then it is advisable that you start taking your cup of coffee seriously.

3) Reduces the risk for diabetes

With changing diet and lifestyle, diabetes is getting more and more common by the day. In fact, if you care to go around asking, everyone will be able to name someone or the other who has diabetes. Drinking coffee can actually help in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. There has been researching going on this area for as long as 20 years. In fact, studies made by the researchers at Harvard have shown that people who drank coffee on a daily basis had much-reduced chances for developing diabetes as compared to the control group.

4) Good for mental health

Coffee helps in improving mood, thereby preventing depression. Depression not only affects your mental health but can also take its toll on your physical health. Coffee has this innate property to put you in a good mood. So if you are drinking your cup regularly, you will be saved from becoming the victim of this dreaded mental illness.

5) Fights cancer

Cancer is one of the leading causes of premature deaths. However, drinking coffee daily can actually help in lowering the risk of developing cancer. As you can see, coffee is still helping you even when you are not aware of its entire health benefits. The other thing about cancer is that it tends to be hereditary. So if you have someone in the family suffering from cancer, you have even stronger reasons to start drinking more coffee. This simple daily ritual could indeed be your saving grace. If people worldwide started drinking coffee on a daily basis, it could help in lowering the disease by a significant degree.

6) Improves physical agility

The caffeine present in coffee boosts your energy level and keeps you going throughout the day. So if you want to increase your productivity during the day, all you have to do is reach out for a cup of coffee. As caffeine enters your body, it triggers the nervous system to send messages to different cells in the body to burn fat. At the same time, it also increases the secretion of epinephrine. The combination of these two things increases the physical agility and provides you with the necessary fuel to go through the day. Owing to the same effect, it is also considered advisable to drink coffee at least 30 minutes before a workout. This can help in enhancing your productivity by a significant degree.

7) Improves cognition

Better access to health care may have increased the life expectancy among the current population. People are living up to a long age. However, illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimers are also getting more and more common among the elderly. The worst part is there is no effective cure for either of the two. One can only take steps to prevent or manage the conditions.

Healthy diet and exercise are two effective ways to slow down cognitive decline. However, recently, it has been found that drinking one cup of coffee a day can also help in lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia by preventing the inflammation of brain cells. In fact, it helps in reducing the risk by as much as 65%, which is quite a significant number. It does indeed come as a surprise that something as simple as drinking coffee can help in boosting your memory. However, as more and more researchers are being conducted, the benefits of coffee are quickly overshadowing its demerits.


Drinking coffee does come with a number of health benefits. However, it is also important that you select your beans and the brewing methods with care. It is best if you can opt for natural sweeteners instead of the artificial ones. Also, it is best to take coffee in isolation that is without any complimentary snacks. Try limiting your intake to no more than two cups a day, preferably during the first half of the day. For best results, choose sustainable organic coffee that is grown without any pesticides.