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Ninja Coffee Maker

Ninja Coffee Bar Reviews And Overview

Ninja Coffeemaker is a owned by SharkNinja, which was formerly known a Euro-Pro. They have forayed into the small appliances segment. They offer products under two different brands, namely Sharkclean and Ninjakitchen which offer cleaning appliances and household appliances.

For a fastidious buyer, the major deciding factors are innovative and multifunctional products. SharkNinja has carved out a niche for itself but addressing these issues and being proactive in their approach on any subject. They offer products which have become essential in our busy lives.

SharkNinja which has its office in Massachusetts, outside Boston but had its roots in Montreal, Canada. It is relatively young company, which initiated operations from 1995.

SharkNinja is led by Mark Rosenzweig, whose mission is to impact people’s lives positively by offering first class appliances and bettering their experience is accentuated by his robust team who strive to develop groundbreaking, innovative products, which haven’t been thought of before and at offering them at a great value. All products of SharkNinja are fully endorsed and promoted by the CEO himself, making him accessible to people and addressing their concerns.

This company has captured a significant market share and prides itself on ease of use, innovation, Multi-use and great competitive pricing. The products are available at all major retailers and specialty stores, as well as online.

Some of the products offered are:

Ninja® Intelli-Sense Kitchen System Ninja Chef Hispeed Blender Ninja Precision Processor
Ninja Cooking system with Auto iQ Ninja Multi Cooker Plus Ninja Coffee Brewer
SharkClean Vacuum Chemical free steam mop Their range of products in garment care

Many coffee makers are offered in the Ninja coffee brewer appliances, and their new thermal extraction technology, which is pending patent is changing the way perceive home brewing.

Ninja Coffee Bar with 43 Ounces Glass Carafe-CF080


14.5 x 9.5 x 8.75 inches
Model Number
5.6 pounds approx
Carafe Included
Additional Inclusions
20 Recipe Coffee Inspiration Guide, Ninja Easy Frother, Double Sided Scoop, Paper Filter Kit


  • You get to choose your own size of the drink. Perfect for a single mug, a travel mug, and a full or half carafe, the Ninja Coffee Bar CF080 will ensure that you get the right quantity without the coffee going waste.
  • Four different styles of brews present one with the opportunity to make many different variants at home. It’s like bringing an entire coffeehouse menu in the comfort of your own home.
  • Auto iQ One Touch Intelligence system ensures that the right amount of water is drawn from the reservoir for your selected brew.
  • You can program your brew for the next 24 hours for any size and type, so your perfect cup of coffee is ready whenever you want it.


  • Does not include a permanent filter basket.
  • Does not come with a tumbler like some other models of Ninja or like other brands.


Ninja coffee bar CF080, perfect for single serve

The Ninja Coffee Bar Auto-iQ Brewer CF080 uses the latest technology to deliver better brews which are full-bodied and flavourful and are never bitter. This is an entirely programmable coffeemaker which has the Delay brew function, which makes the coffee at the designated time as per set preferences. The Auto-iQ feature which is unique to Ninja brand, allows users to select the size or quantity of liquid to be brewed and choose the brew. This function uses the exact amount of water from the reservoir to brew the chosen type of coffee. They specialize in a variety of brews, which are available only commercially at cafes or coffeehouses.

Usage & Features

Few features are listed below:

  1. The water reservoir is removable and can be easily cleaned
  2. It offers four different brew strength settings encompassing both hot and cold beverages
  3. The Auto-iQ feature lets users decide on the quantity and type of brew.
  4. It comes with a frother, which froths milk and cream, and is further used in their brews.
  5. It has a multi-serve cup platform, glass carafe, and a drip-tray

The CF080 Ninja Coffeemaker is a treasured find which has the ability to rev up the process of brewing a simple cup of coffee to a more pleasurable experience. But the lack of a permanent filter basket and tumbler (which are available for select models) would deter users from opting for this model.

Customer Review

I bought this for my husband two weeks ago because he is a coffee addict and loves to try new and different kinds of coffee from all over the world. He likes to experiment as well, and turns out this thing comes with a recipe book. So this was actually perfect for him! Now he spends more time at home with our Ninja Coffee Bar CF080 instead of the coffee shop and keeps pampering me with new creations everyday.

I was looking for a coffee machine with a good sized carafe. We have a small office space here with only a handful of workers and it’s good to have a coffee machine that everyone likes. I was only disappointed with the fact that it didn’t come with a permanent filter basket, but rest everything seems to be good with our Ninja Coffee Bar CF080.

Fully Automatic And Programmable Ninja Coffee Maker-CF080Z


18.5 X 11.8 X 12 inches
Model Number
9.1 pounds
Carafe Included
Additional Inclusions
Ninja Coffee Scoop, Glass Ninja Easy Milk Frother, 40 Recipe Cookbook


  • Thermal Flavor Extraction technique gives flavorful coffee that pulls the maximum taste from the coffee grounds.
  • Options to select the coffee varieties from Classic, Rich, Over Ice and Specialty let one make many different drinks with the same machine.
  • Carafe keeps the coffee hot for up to 2 hours and maintains the flavor and richness.
  • The Ninja Coffee Bar CF080 comes with additions such as a cookbook, a frother and a Ninja Coffee Scoop.
  • Permanent Filter Basket is included and adds a lot of ease and convenience in making coffee.


  • The specialty brew gives a nice concentrated cup of coffee, but falls just short of a really good espresso.
  • Some people find the steam to be a bit too much for small kitchens or places with no windows.


Automatic and programmable Ninja coffee bar system with auto turn off

This is indeed a multi-tasking coffeemaker which looks modern and performs efficiently. The special thermal flavor extraction technique is used to extract all the flavor from the coffee grounds, which gives it a unique flavor. It is a user-friendly machine which has lots of options on choosing the right type of brew and the required quantity as well. It has a warming plate assembly, which keeps the brewed coffee warm even in the glass carafe. It is energy efficient and has an automatic shut off after 2 hours has elapsed.

Usage & Features

The CF080Z coffeemaker boasts of these below-listed features:

  1. The option to choose different brews like Classic, Rich, Over Ice and specialty.
  2. Has a cleaning alert signal
  3. Fully automatic and programmable
  4. Programmable clock, used in the Delay Brew function
  5. Can brew 8 cups of coffee at maximum capacity
  6. Brew pause for a single serve coffee
  7. Has an auto turn off after 2 hours of usage
  8. A permanent filter basket and easy frother are included

This is an energy efficient model and can make a large number of coffees with this coffeemaker. The idea behind the coffee bar models are appreciated, but few design details concerning the Clean light signal, which gets activated within few cycles and the opening of the carafe need to be looked into to make this a truly fantastic product.

Customer Review

I have a family of 5 and both my teenage kids are coffee lovers while my younger one loves coffee preparations over ice. At times they want it bitter and strong, and other times they want it sweeter or with more milk. Of course, their demands keep changing as per their moods. Needless to say, I wanted a coffee maker that could help me in this on-demand craziness in my house. So a friend suggested checking Ninja coffee maker reviews online and when I saw them, I was thrilled! I didn’t know something like this existed, and it almost seemed as if someone had heard my wishes and made them come true! Now it’s like a coffeehouse in our home and the older kids make their coffees on their own, while my younger one loves my experiments with the Specialty feature.

I am quite satisfied with my purchase. The product reached me in time and I was quite happy with the free cookbook as well. I have just recently started exploring the wonders of coffee and this Ninja Coffee Bar CF080 offers me a lot of unique features to play with. It’s like getting a professional cup of coffee in your house, and that frother just adds a great touch to the whole thing.

Ninja Coffee Bar With Auto IQ Reviews-CF081


10.8 x 10.5 x 14.9 inches
Model Number
8.7 pounds
Carafe Included
Additional Inclusions
Double Sided Scoop, Ninja Easy Frother, Permanent Filter Basket, 40 Recipe Coffee Inspiration Guide


  • Fresh, flavorful coffee that meets your requirement and taste.
  • The Ninja Coffee Bar CF081 comes with a permanent filter basket.
  • 43oz carafe keeps the coffee hot for up to 2 hours.
  • You can program your brew for the next 24 hours so you get coffee without having to wait for it.


  • Does not come with a tumbler.


Ninja coffee bar with Auto IQ and auto shut off reviews

The Ninja Coffee bar brewer is known for its features and accessibility. The company behind the Ninja brand, SharkNinja is striving to provide access to freshly brewed coffee to all through their innovative coffeemakers. Their thermal extraction technology aids in extracting the full flavor of the grounds and releasing them in the brew. It comes with a glass carafe which keeps the coffee warm and has a total capacity of 43 ounces. It has a warming plate assembly which maintains the temperature of the brew, without compromising on the taste.

Usage & Features

The features of CF081 are listed below:

  1. Can be programmed in advance for up to 24 hrs
  2. Energy efficient with an auto shut off after 2 hrs
  3. This model is from the Auto-iQ range and lets users select the size and type of brew.
  4. It has a glass carafe of 43 ounce capacity
  5. Has a permanent filter basket
  6. Has a multi-serve dial which allows users to select the quantity accordingly.
  7. Easy to use and clean
  8. Has a water reservoir which can be removed during cleaning

This coffeemaker has bought the option of creating varied types of hot and cold beverages, at our leisure and comforts of home. But few users lament on the fact that it does not come with a tumbler, and the addition of it would ease the methodology of use.

Customer Review

I was actually looking for ninja coffee bar with thermal carafe when I came across this one. It’s quite a good looking model and I got instantly impressed with the ninja coffee maker reviews. I particularly like the fact that it gives four different kinds of brew options and that’s something every coffee drinker would love. The Ninja Coffee Bar CF081 comes with a glass carafe, but even then it keeps the coffee pretty hot for a long time, so you don’t really feel the need for a thermal carafe here.

I work from home most of the times, so I hate to make multiple trips down to the coffee shop to keep getting a fresh supply of coffee. And I hate sitting in coffee shops because they have too much of disturbance these days. So I wanted to get a coffee maker at home and a friend recommended getting this Ninja Coffee Bar CF081. I am extremely happy with the coffee quality. I haven’t tried the specialty feature yet, but I am sure it is just as good as the rest of the features giving me perfect brews so far.