Cuisinart SS-10 single-serve coffee bar is compatible with K-cups and has many varieties to select in beverages so that you have a number of options for your hot coffee

Single Serve Coffee Maker

Best Single Cup Coffee Maker Reviews-2018

The Hamilton Beach Company is one of the premier brands dealing in kitchen appliances. They are famous and have a global presence. The annual sell over 35 million units and growing. They are a dominant leader in the small kitchen appliances segment. Some of their prominent brands are Hamilton Beach, TrueAir, Proctor Silex and Eclectrics which have found a considerable following owing to their commitment to quality, hard work, excellent customer service, innovation and variety of offerings.

The Hamilton Beach Company was founded in 1910 in Wisconsin and began to produce appliances which were motor driven. Some brands/companies were started, which catered to a specific need like toasters, irons, coffee makers and being new and innovative, were able to capture a considerable market share. In 1990, Hamilton Beach and Proctor-Silex came together to form a coalition to produce small kitchen appliances. In 1995, the company entered new waters in their strive to be an International brand. The products which are offered are:

Breakfast sandwich makers Breadmaker Blenders
Can and jar openers Coffee makers Coffee grinders
Drink mixers Deep fryers Electric Kettles
Egg cookers Food Dehydrator Food Processor
Garment steamers Ice cream maker Hand mixer
Induction cooktop Indoor grill Popcorn popper
Roast Oven Skillets Stand mixers
Slow cooker Air Purifiers Odour eliminator
Waffle maker Vacuum seal Stand Mixer
Toaster Oven Pizza Maker Panini Press and Sandwich grill
Iron box Juicers and many more

The wide range of products which are offered makes the Hamilton Beach Company a top player in the kitchen appliances segment. They are imparting the tips and tricks to cooking delicious food through their website and blog.

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Single Serve Coffee Machine-49974


9.9 x 6 x 13.1 inches
Model Number
3.2 pounds
Uses K-Cups
Uses Ground Coffee


  • Grounds Basket is included.
  • Water Reservoir holds up to 14oz water and has an easy-view window to check levels from front and side.
  • It is compatible with Melitta #1 small paper filters.


  • Water Reservoir is not removable.
  • Does not include a thermal travel-sized carafe or flask as compared to some other brands in the market.


This compact design of Hamilton Beach coffee maker can perfectly fit into both office and home

The Hamilton Beach has been catering to the customers who wish for a freshly brewed cup of piping hot coffee, for a long time. On analyzing the market and trends, the only conclusion which was arrived at was that every person’s needs and expectation were different. The resulting product of this though was the FlexBrew line of coffeemakers. This machine makes a truly personal cup of coffee by offering the flexibility to brewing the choicest freshly ground coffee and single serve pack/K-cup. It has flexibility to brew 10 ounces of coffee from the K-cups or 14 ounces fit for a travel mug from fresh coffee grounds.

Usage & Features

Few of the features are listed below:

  1. Has a fixed, transparent water reservoir, which allows for accurate addition of water
  2. Starts brewing coffee instantly
  3. Very easy to clean and to prevent clogging
  4. The FlexBrew feature allows for experimentation with K-cups and ground coffee.
  5. Has an adjustable cup rest

The Hamilton Beach 49974 FlexBrew Single-Serve Coffee Maker makes the art of coffee brewing accessible to every household. The inclusion of a carafe with thermal insulation and a travel flask along with product will increase its popularity.

Customer Review

I need a good cup of coffee every morning when I wake up and hate to stand in the line in the coffee shop on the way to work. So I got this Hamilton Beach 49974 FlexBrew after checking a lot of single cup coffee maker reviews online. Most people seemed to be happy with it, and I can say the same for myself. I try K-cup versions from different brands because I like different flavors, and so far the coffee maker has been good with all of them.

I like the coffee that I get out of the single-serve packs, but not so happy with the grounds brew. It feels as if it is not getting the full taste potential from the coffee grounds that I have. But I guess once I try with slightly finer or different coffee grounds, my opinion would change. For now, I am happy with the Hamilton Beach 49974 for the single-serve pack coffees that it gives me.

Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker


8.67 x 6.7 x 8.35 inches
Model Number
5.9 pounds
Uses K-Cups
Uses Ground Coffee


  • Stainless Steel Coffee Filters ensure that you don’t need paper filters anymore.
  • Two options of brew give the perfect cup of coffee whenever you want
  • Fast coffee that brews in just a minute and a half.
  • Design ensures easy cleanup
  • Stainless steel construction offers durability


  • Stainless Steel Travel Mug not included.
  • Does not support K-Cups or any similar pods.


Hamilton Beach 49981A scoop coffee maker has a built-in cup rest for various sizes cups and carafes

This coffeemaker allows users to their own ground coffee to make a delicious cup of coffee. It is not compatible with K-cup/ pre-packed pods. It has a mesh scoop filter where the ground coffee is placed and brewed by extracting from it. A freshly brewed cup of coffee which retains the taste and aroma can uplift mood and result in a pleasant environment. The strength of the brew can be selected from Regular and Bold. Each scoop has two lines, which detail out the amount of ground coffee to be added.

Usage & Features

The features of Hamilton Beach 49981A are given below:

  1. Has a built-in cup rest for flasks and mugs
  2. A spill-resistant drip tray is provided
  3. Energy efficient and has an auto shut off feature
  4. The body and the filter is made of stainless steel, which is durable furthering the life of the coffeemaker
  5. Can brew a regular 8 ounce coffee in less than 90 seconds
  6. Eliminates the need to use K-cups, which add up to more expenses

This is a versatile coffeemaker offering many options to its consumers. A travel mug would be a worthy inclusion to the product which, would keep the brewed coffee warm for more extended period and eliminate reheating resulting in loss of flavor.

Customer Review

I have been using a different coffee machine so far, but that collapsed last week because of poor construction. I needed something durable and that is why I got the Hamilton Scoop because it is made of stainless steel. Hamilton is good with their designs and I saw another model at a friend’s house, so I was sure of my purchase. Just wish that this model also allowed for using K-cups as I miss out on some flavors that way, but otherwise it’s a good coffee maker and I’d recommend it.

While checking out single cup coffee makers review, I came across this one and found the price to be quite good. I am not a fan of K-cups or anything similar because I feel they are not environment-friendly and also don’t offer an authentic taste. So this is perfect for a person like me. It gives good coffee if you know where to get your coffee grounds from.

Black And Decker Single Serve Coffee Maker-CM618


6.1 X 5.5 X 9.4 inches
Model Number
2.2 pounds
Uses K-Cups
No. Only Coffee Pods / Soft Pods
Uses Ground Coffee


  • Removable Filter Basket
  • Easy to clean
  • Travel Mug included
  • Brews with coffee pods and coffee grounds, both.


  • Does not allow for using K-cups or similar packs.
  • Does not include a scoop


 Whatever you like, coffee pods or coffee grounds BLACK+DECKER CM618 single serve coffee maker can brew allBlack + Decker are a globally brand whose endeavors to reduce the time spent in household works and improving the quality of life with their machines are well recognized.

They had a humble beginning in Baltimore, USA. They have remained consistent in their efforts to provide appliances which cater to the needs of the customers. They are one of the sustainable brands who has offered a wide range of products for their clientele. This company is affiliated with General Electric company and has a vast market share in small appliances segment. They have an expertise in culinary resource and offer a vast variety of appliance which would find a lot of takers.

They have a range of products to offer in cook-ware, Power tools, Tools required for gardening and home cleaning. Their approach and constant innovation have not only improved the quality of life but also reduced the hardships incurred in labor intensive works.

This coffeemaker fits rightly into our busy lifestyle. The option of brewing coffee from ground coffee or soft pods gives flexibility to the user, which is very beneficial. It has a thermally insulated mug, which maintains the temperature of the brewed coffee for a longer duration. It is an energy efficient machine which has an auto turn off function. Easy to use and clean and are dishwasher safe.

The products which are offered are listed below:

Blenders Juicers Coffee makers
Tea Kettles Pizza Ovens Convection Ovens
Toasters Griddles and Skillets Bread Makers
Rice Cookers and Steamers Slow cook cookers Air/ Deep fryers
Pressure Cooker Waffle Maker Waffle Maker
Accessories for Coffee and Tea Maker Power crush Blenders Countertop blenders
Personal Blenders Citrus Juicers Juice Extractors
Food Processors Can openers Vegetable choppers
Coffee grinders Toaster Ovens Advanced Irons in Garment care
Handheld steamers Professional Irons Traditional Irons

Usage & Features

Few features are listed here:

  1. Compact and easy to use
  2. Portable and can be moved easily
  3. Energy efficient machine
  4. Permanent reusable filter is provided
  5. Has Power on and off light indicators
  6. It can brew both soft pods and ground coffee
  7. Has a thermally insulated travel mug
  8. Travel mug has a capacity to store of 16 ounces of brewed coffee
  9. Water is heated to optimum temperature before coming in contact with the ground coffee or soft pods

This coffeemaker is ideal for small home or office and makes a great cup of coffee. Since it is not compatible with K-cups, and ground coffee can be brewed in this machine, a worthy inclusion would be a level scoop.

Customer Review

A lot of people don’t know the difference between K-cups and coffee pods, but those who know would agree that this is definitely one of the best machines out there for soft pods. I like that my BLACK+DECKER CM618 is a small, compact machine that takes very little space and looks tiny, but still, gives such amazing strong coffee.

The inclusion of the travel mug is quite a good thing. You literally just need to get your coffee grounds and water for a daily cup of coffee, and you’re good to go! The Black+Decker CM618 for me is literally the best single cup coffee maker because it has lasted the longest from all the other coffee makers that I have owned so far. Quite durable!

Ninja Single Cup Coffee Maker (With Auto-IQ) Reviews-CF112


12.2 x 11 x 16.3 inches
Model Number
12 pounds
Uses K-Cups
Uses Ground Coffee


  • Removable Water Reservoir
  • Built-in Frother
  • Choices in Brew – Classic, Rich, Over Ice, Specialty
  • XL settings for cups and travel mugs
  • Permanent Reusable Filter
  • 40 Recipe Inspiration Guide comes free


  • Does not support K-cups


 Ninja single-serve system CF112 coffee bar comes with a permanent filter which can be reusedNinja Coffeemaker is owned by SharkNinja, which was formerly known a Euro-Pro. They have forayed into the small appliances segment. They offer products under two different brands, namely Sharkclean and Ninjakitchen which offer cleaning appliances and household appliances.

For a fastidious buyer, the major deciding factors are innovative and multifunctional products. SharkNinja has carved out a niche for itself but addressing these issues and being proactive in their approach on any subject. They offer products which have become essential in our busy lives.

SharkNinja which has its office in Massachusetts, outside Boston but had its roots in Montreal, Canada. It is a relatively young company, which initiated operations from 1995.

SharkNinja is led by Mark Rosenzweig, whose mission is to impact people’s lives positively by offering first class appliances and bettering their experience is accentuated by his robust team who strive to develop groundbreaking, innovative products, which haven’t been thought of before and at offering them at a great value. All products of SharkNinja are fully endorsed and promoted by the CEO himself, making him accessible to people and addressing their concerns.

This company has captured a significant market share and prides itself on ease of use, innovation, Multi-use and great competitive pricing. The products are available at all major retailers and specialty stores, as well as online.

Some of the products offered are

Ninja® Intelli-Sense Kitchen System Ninja Chef Hispeed Blender Ninja Precision Processor
Ninja Cooking system with Auto iQ Ninja Multi Cooker Plus Ninja Coffee Brewer
SharkClean Vacuum Chemical free steam mop Their range of products in garment care

Many coffee makers are offered in the Ninja coffee brewer appliances, and their new thermal extraction technology, which is pending patent is changing the way perceive home brewing.

This Ninja Coffee Bar Auto-iQ Brewer is a multi-tasking coffeemaker which uses the latest technology to make unique coffee creations. It can make delicious hot and cold beverages and using the frother provided a host of coffee recipes can be experimented and brewed right at one’s convenience. The different types of brew offered are Signature Brews, café Forte and Specialty.

Features of this coffeemaker are listed below:

  1. XL sized hot and cold tumbler, to reduce the number of refills
  2. Built-in frother
  3. Reusable permanent filter
  4. Water filter which is removable
  5. Offers different sizes of brew
  6. Option to select the type of brew
  7. Advance thermal flavor extraction for a robust flavor
  8. Single serve system which is pod free
  9. Auto-iQ Brewer feature
  10. Comes with a scoop for ease of addition of coffee grounds

This coffeemaker does not support K-cups, which reduces the number of options for the type of brew.

Customer Review

Honestly, all of Ninja’s machines are good. They make some of the best single serve coffee makers. Some of the newer models have exciting features and sometimes you’ll find that there is little difference between two models – could either be a feature plus or minus. So as long as most of your requirements are met, their “CF” series is kind of good and you can pick any machine from there. I chose this one particularly for the XL setting on the cup and travel mug, but I am sure they have similar features in other models of the same series as well.

I like the quality of the coffee that I get with this coffee maker, especially on the Rich and Specialty settings. I’d recommend the Ninja CF112 to any serious coffee drinker who is picky about grounds selection and good taste.

Cuisinart Single Serve Coffee Maker;Compatible with K-cups:SS-10


13 x 14.8 x 16.4 inches
Model Number
9.5 pounds
Uses K-Cups
Uses Ground Coffee


  • HomeBarista Reusable Filter Cup saves one from the hassle of using paper filter cups
  • Compatible with K-cups
  • Five different cup size settings ensure that coffee never goes waste and you always enough
  • Adjustable temperature control for your perfect cup of coffee


  • Does not include a travel mug or carafe


Cuisinart was founded by Carl Sontheimer in the early 1970’s. Cuisinart has a wide variety of gadgets, cookware, bakeware, kitchen accessories and offers a number of other services. It is a well-known brand whose presence is felt globally. Cuisinart is currently headed by Conair Corporation and has kept the legacy alive.

Cuisinart is known worldwide for their signature, which is ‘Innovation in Culinary Tools’. It is this vision, which has garnered massive popularity amongst people and celebrities towards Cuisinart. Promoters of high-quality food and culinary aficionados Jacques Pépin and Hubert Kelle wholeheartedly endorse this brand and their products.

Cuisinart’s mission is to help everyone in ‘Savouring the good life.’ This being their driving force, they have entered kitchens across the world with their products and provide unmatched service. The number of products offered is vast and have everything, which would ever be required in a kitchen.

As is evident from above, this company has fantastic culinary resources and offer products which would reduce if not eliminate the tediousness of the work.

The products offered are

Bakeware Cookware Coffeemaker
Food processor Dinnerware Flatware
Kitchen accessories Ice-cream and sorbet makers Hand blenders and mixers
Microwave ovens Slow cook cookers Waffle makers
Toaster oven Stand mixer Outdoor grilling products
Glassware Cutlery and many more

Cuisinart believes in providing a wholesome meal for all, be it through their gadgets or their app. An application was developed for their website which informs the user on the kind of meals which can be prepared, just by inputting the available ingredients in their pantry.

Cuisinart has won many awards and laurels for their innovation in the culinary field. They have collaborated with renowned chefs and companies to offer products which are unique and promote well-being by reducing human labor and error.

Cuisinart is known for making quality machinery, which are durable and delivery a great tasting coffee. This is a versatile machine which gives an option of making coffee, tea, hot cocoa and hot water for making soups. A professional looking coffeemaker, it has a 72 ounce capacity, thereby reducing the number of refills. It has an option to select the beverage size, which varies from a 4 ounce single serve to a 12 ounce serving which fills a travel mug. The compatibility of the machine with K-cups produces a wide variety of single serve brews.

The SS-10 coffeemaker’s features are listed below:

  1. Has a wide variety of size selection for beverages.
  2. Multiple choices of brews and beverages
  3. Has a unique rinse feature, which cleans the insides of the brew chamber after the brewing has completed
  4. Has temperature control for brewing
  5. Energy efficient and comes with an auto-off feature after 30 minutes of working
  6. The homebarista reusable filter cup, which is provided greatly reduces the hassle of cleaning
  7. It can serve both large groups and individuals efficiently

This coffeemaker does not include a travel mug along with the purchase and process of finding a compatible one is tedious.

Customer Review

I get the perfect cup of coffee with this machine and am quite happy with it. Saw single cup coffee maker review lists before buying this one and am not disappointed at all. The hot water feature is quite a thoughtful addition for bringing more utility to the machine. Definitely, a thumbs up for Cuisinart SS-10 Single-Serve Coffeemaker.

My Cuisinart SS-10 reached me on time and I have been using it for almost two weeks now. I am a heavy coffee drinker so I guess the best way for me to judge a machine is to see whether it gives me consistent taste and performance daily, and so far this one has not disappointed me at all.